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About Homey

You decorate your house. You pick out the perfect phone case. But what about your browsers start page?

Meet Homey, the app that makes your start page cozy, customized, and productive.

Homey has gorgeous live wallpapers, widgets like weather and personal notes, the ability to create easy to access bookmarks, and a search bar right on your start page!

Homey is designed to make your start page more like the intuitive screen of your phone or tablet, making your frequently used bookmarks look like apps. It makes it easy and quick to get to the websites you visit every day.


Amazing Features

We designed Homey to give your browser a whole new look. And new features will make surfing the Internet easier and more enjoyable.

Bookmark Organizer

Keep all your favorite sites handy.

Smart Search

Search the Internet and bookmarks at the same time.

Live Wallpapers

Automatically changing Wallpapers that inspire you every day.

Useful widgets

Weather, notes and motivational quotes will always be useful.



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